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ERP for Furniture Industry

Simplify Business Functions with ERP Software for the Furniture Industry.

Indians utilize various wood items on daily basis resulting in which furniture industries producing an approximate turnover of 35 billion annually. Nowadays, the customers are being immensely specific about the look, design, material, and delivery of home furniture, which elevates the demand for high product quality and best customer service.

Acquire maximum visibility of your business process with Turbo ERP software for your furniture industry. The furniture ERP software of any Company provides real-time visibility to its users to remain ultra-modern about inventory, finance, delivery, and vendor management, It perfectly manages every activity right from making sales quotations to shipments.

Coordinating and keeping track of everything from sales, purchasing of raw materials, warehousing, manufacturing etc. can be challenging. With Turbo ERP, you get a unified platform, where everyone works in the same software system and where you can work much better together both internally and externally, Using Turbo ERP can control even the greatest volumes, so keep growing. Take benefit of its integrated inventory to process orders quickly, manage suppliers, store documents, export documentation, and customize everything on the fly, and a lot more.

    ERP in the furniture industry assist in organizing the following process:

  • Accounts Receivable & Payable:
  • Marketing & Photo Catalog:
  • Costing & Sampling
  • Order Processing(Customer & Supplier Order Processing)
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Sales & Purchase (Export, GST, e-Invoice, VAT)
  • Export Documentation
  • Business Analysis:
  • CRM and Email Alerts:
  • Tally/ Barcode Integration

Benefits of Turbo ERP For Furniture industry:-

As time changes new functionality gets added to the business, the same way Our ERP Solutions are easily adaptable. You can add new functionality, processes, departments, and more into the ERP very effortlessly such as:

  • You can have various reports in ERP which provide you the list of each transaction in your business.
  • You can take superior business decisions with the ERP on the go from any device, any place, and any time.
  • It assists you to decrease the cost and raise profits when all your processes are well organized.
  • You can recognize the leakages happening in the system
  • It also assists you to boost procurement, inventory, and demand forecasting, & more, actually enhancing the whole supply chain and making it more accessible.
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