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ERP Software for Furniture Industry

Turbo ERP fully integrated software solutions can help your furniture business overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our solutions will help you increase your margins by streamlining your operations, from warehouse to Point of Sale terminals.

As time changes new functionality gets added to business, the same way Turbo ERP Solutions are easily scalable. Because of this, you can add new functionality, processes, departments, and more into the ERP very easily.

You can have several reports in ERP which give you the list of all the transaction in your business. You can take better business decisions with the ERP on the go from any device, any place and any time.

Coordinating and keeping track of everything from sales, purchasing of raw materials, warehousing, manufacturing etc. can be challenging. With Turbo ERP, you get a unified platform, where everyone works in the same software system and where you can work much better together both internally and externally.

  • Product Configurator: With rules-based Product Configurator streamline order-taking and automatically generate factory and purchase orders with all the relevant detail, such as materials and operations required to make or assemble the correct customer-specific configuration of the product.
  • Bills of materials : Facilitates an accurate expected cost against which to track actual production costs. The complete bill forms the basis for material and capacity planning, shop floor control and costing.
  • Purchase: Purchase is responsible for right quality, right quantity and right price of required material for your organization.
  • Inventory Management: Enables you to optimize stock levels and to provide flexible reporting on inventory holdings. Our Inventory Forecasting solution further enables you to produce automatic or manual forecasts based on sales history as well as provide the tools to measure the quality of your forecasts.
  • Requirements Planning: Turbo ERP helps you in planning and creating realistic production, purchasing and supply transfer schedules, and maintaining optimal stock holdings in a multi-warehouse environment.
  • Quotations: Provides the flexibility of producing quotes with multiple offers for stocked and/or customized (estimated) items for existing or prospective customers. The power of this system becomes evident when one or more stock items must be specially made. In these cases a supporting estimate can be created.
  • Sales Order: Enhances customer service through fast, efficient order processing and accurate, timely order fulfilment while maximizing sales through instant access to information on stock availability, prices and product substitutions.
  • In these cases a supporting estimate can be created.
  • Preferred Supplier : Facilitates and optimizes the management of sourcing strategies in procurement, and for the recommended selection of suppliers during the purchasing cycle.
ERP for furniture

Key Features

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